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Undoubtedly, National productivity is directly influenced by the technical and vocational education and training courses in our technical/ vocational institutes, the polytechnics and the informal sector. 

Even though these institutions provide the bulk of the skilled workforce which determines the country's ability to compete in the global economy, there is a public perception which considers these institutions as second rate in comparison to the Universities. The credibility and Value of the output of institutions in this sector are regarded by many as second rate mostly because of absence of a clear-cut emphasis on skills competencies in addition to the academic component expected in all tertiary institutions. In non-university tertiary institutions, knowledge acquisition must be accompanied by the skills for the translation of that knowledge acquisition into products, services and tools, making it an essential component in satisfying the manpower needs of a country. Competencies that ought to complement the manpower development must be assessed, and standards for the accompanying skills must be provided if the development agenda is to succeed.